Tuesday, 19 March 2013


HI EVERYONE! Heheheh~ I've been busy being someone good. Soooo... I think I fail at it. I'm better being the one that's badass and all. BUT I'M CUTE! XD Like Ilhoon from BTOB, He's just so freaking cute doing his version of the Kiyomi song. I can't believe he's the rapper of the group too. He look more to the vocal side. xD Ohwell~ I don't look like someone who is cute either. XD Here's the Kiyomi song ! I'm sure it would make you smile cos it made me smile...

Hahaha... Recently, my bestie seem to be... Idk. I don't know how to explain. BUT I'M HURT. Like BOOM. Tadah. I'm hurt. Like nobodies business. And I don't really know how to deal with it. Although I may seem fine and still cool on the outside, on the inside, I really blanked out. Ohwell. I'm used to people doing this kind of stuff to me. But it still hurt. It always will. She seem to be enjoying herself. And I'm glad for it. I really hope the best for her and that she would stay happy, Even if it means that I get hurt in return.

OKAY. I'm guilty of being emotionless most of the time. And Idk... I never realised until one of my juniors said that I should smile more cos most of the time I don't. And they say I look scary so they didn't really dare to approach me... It made me pretty shocked. Cos a lot of people say that I look scary when they first met me... So, I'm sorry. *bows*

Hehehe... I admit. I'm feeling down right now. Sorry. >-< Although I tried to smile and stay positive. BUT I STILL CAN'T. And I have to go to school tomorrow. Not to mention rushing home to take some stuff and rushing back to a secret place. Kekekek. I'm giving a surprise party to someone I met in my CCA. She's just so adorable! xD Every time she's around, the air seem to brighten up and... I smile more too. So.... I guess that's what made me "popular" in my CCA. Cos I get sabotages to lead many stuff recently. AND ALL OF IT were by people who said I'm scary. XD Ironic. I know. But since my teachers asked me to do it, I shall. Cos I'm a nice girl. :3







Okay... That don't seem convincing. XD Sorry. I shall try to be happy. From now on...







Yeah, I'm still trying.

Btw, there are songs that I love right now. IT'S SO NICE!!

1. Dream girl by SHINee (I love the dance!!)
2. Oops by G.NA (The song is... WOW)
3. Expect by Girl's day (SEXY!!)
4. Standing still by U-Kiss (Idk why but the song is stuck in my head)
5. It's over by Lee Hi (PLAIN WONDERFUL. All YG artist are talents)
6. One spring day by 2AM (It's just... NICE)
7. I got a boy by SNSD (Dance and rhythm is very catchy)
8. Miss right by Teen top (It's so freaking CUUTE!!)
9. One shot by B.A.P (Their dance is... Really the best)

Monday, 31 December 2012

Something wrong.

Hello everyone~ its a new year and I did something wrong. :<

I was getting hyper and high after seeing 2ne1 and Leehi's performance together last midnight. Then I was being crazy to my best buddy who doesn't seem to be that impresses cos she only replied with an'okay?' which hurt me. A LOT. Cos its rare I go crazy over something and she just trampled over my feelings like it was nothing.

I guess she didn't know that she had hurt my feelings and I tried to tease her a bit by saying 'I'm hurtt. :< I will never show you this side of me again' and I guess she didn't like it and we ended up arguing. My head was spinning and my right shoulder hurts so I was snappy and... Yeah. I told her I don't want to talk to her.

I know its harsh!!! But I really didn't feel well and she was... *sigh* its all my fault. I shouldn't have teased her. Cos it ended up with an argument. I know I'm childish. But hey! Its rare I show my crazy side to anyone. And I decided to show it to her. So I was really hurt. I almost cried. Yeshyesh. I'm emotional. Afterall, I just saw a super performance.

:< I wonder what will come out of this friendship. Maybe in the end, we wouldn't even be friends. I just hope for the best. Cos I don't know how to start the convo first. I hate myself. I've always been like that. Ohwell. I shall get out of the bed now!

Baibai!! Shall post again if I have time. :33

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New phone~~

Hello everyone!!! How are you guys? My holidays are about to end and my homework is still not done!!! What to do!? Meh. I don't care. XD

And yesh. Today's post is on my new phone. Well... Its not that new but it is still new to me. Its my mom's old phone (Samsung note)! She gave it to me cos she got a Samsung note two for Christmas. Yeshyesh. I'm poor now. Cos I shared the price of that note two with my dad. At least she's happy~ :D

And I'm happy. I got her note. XD I gotta admit she's good at maintaining her phones. This note is so decent! Its like new. I like.

Hahahah!! This is the end! Hope you guys have fun~ and the song for today is : I don't need man by Miss A. Its super nice!! Go suzy! Go Jia!

Friday, 14 December 2012

The other side

Hello everyone... This is gonna be a short post. I guess~

I think I'm sick. :< And I'm too lazy to roll myself out and see the awesome doctor who gives yuckish medicines to poor kids like me. (Yesh. I'm trying to be young. xD) Meh. My head is spinning like mad right now and I have a slight fever. And, the best part is that I think tomorrow I would be coughing and sneezing like mad or totally fine. Let's hope for the latter. C:

And yay! The post is done~ :3 Told ya it would be a short one. ^-^

This is how I look. My head is spinning~ And I swear I can see the other side. 

BAIBAI everyone! Stay away from the doctors~ :> (P.S This vid is super epic~ Link: Park Bom going crazy )

Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's getting a bit over.

Hello everyone~~~ I'm banging my head against the wall in shame.

Cos I shouldn't have bothered to post the earlier entry. Cos it was too personal. But ohwell~ Since I posted, I will not remove it. And to tell the truth, my friend said instead of being buddies for four years, she said it was only two years. WHICH TOTALLY HURT ME. :< But it's kinda true so... It's mai fault. Ahahahaha.

And yeah. Recently I'm in not much mood to be happy. I really don't know why I'm so... Emotionless recently. And it made her think I'm jealous cos when she told me she got called 'cutest ________' on the chat roulette and I tried to be happy for her but it seemed like she took the wrong idea and tadaaaah~ She concludes that I sound jealous which I tried to explain cos I don't really see why she's so happy when a stranger says she's cute. Cos I think it's... Disgusting. *SIGH* I gotta admit we think very differently. But... I guess I am a little bit jealous. Cos those strangers seem to be above me.

BUT NEVERMIND~ I still have my macbookie~ xD (P.S Ignore the next paragraph if you hate vulgar words. And I mean it.)

FUCKMYLIFE. Wait. Sorry. Shouldn't have typed that but just once. I really wanna let it all out! Cos she just replied my text with a 'Sorry. Since I'm better in socialising on the net.' Which I totally don't get it. I didn't tell her to apologise. And like I said before, I hate APOLOGISES SO FUCKING MUCH. I mean like seriously? Over something so meaningless, you apologise? It makes me feel bad. So I hate the feeling. Plus what has this got to do with socialising on the net? I can socialise on the net also. It's just that I don't want strangers adding me up on FaceBook or knowing my Emails so they can send a fucking picture of their disgusting part (e.g dicks, boobs and so on) and thus that's the reason they didn't contact me.

I know we think differently. I hope that things would be back to before which is impossible so I shall leave you alone and let you settle down before I try to open up the gates for you again. Cos it took me a lot of courage to let you in. And... I guess we are both changing. Even though I may seem super friendly, it would take a long time before I will let you get to know me. And... When I was showing a bit of myself to you, you did all these. *SIGH*

I can't do anything but cry now. xD Joking. I'm not someone who cries so easily. I a strong baby. xD Cos this is the only way I can be stronger. By not crying in front of people. Speaking of this, when I was young, I always get beaten by my dad just cos I made a small mistake. And I won't cry. Until I go to bed to sleep, I will think through and then cry silently. That's mai style~ :3 I guess that is also why people think I'm scary when they first see me and they say I'm super cool. Which if ironic. xD

Some random pics I found on my iPad. xD I swear my Ipad have interesting photos that mean so much stuff man! 
GOODNIGHT PEOPLE~ I'll be turning in soon. I'm so tired. I feel so siiick~ I'm gonna diiid. :< NOT. Hahaha~ Sorry for the vulgars in the vulgar paragraph. xD I just wanna use them once on my blog. Teehee~ C:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Hello everyone. *bows formally* Today's blog entry would be about my personal problems I'm facing now.

*SIGH* I really dunno what to do. I have tons of homework undone, my friends are bugging me for some of their personal stuffs (which includes homework) , my younger cousins are asking me to help them with their homework (just because they think I'm smart which isn't true. >-<) , some things are happening to family, many many stuffs are changing and I can't adapt fast enough to it.

And, I'm starting to think that one of my best buddy is... Kinda getting further away from me. :< I don't know but I do respect her decisions and... I don't think she knows about all my problems. Can't help it. I'm not the kind of person to ask for help nor will I explain myself. I guess I will take whatever people thinks and leave it. Cos it's what they think. And I hate to ask for help. Whenever I do ask, it's something stupid so I can get the person who's worried about me to relax. OHWELL~

Even if I'm busy, I still try to reply her as fast as possible. Cos... Idk how to explain but yeah. I hate to reply late. There was once I chat with more than 5 people (texting) while on my house phone explaining science to my younger cousin and doing my own Geography project. I was so stressed that I want to just close everything and just go to sleep but I didn't I still replied everyone, explained carefully to my cousin and do finish a decent project.

And when they ask me whether I'm busy? I just simple reply: NOPE~ Watching drama. When the truth is I'm doing some other things which makes me stressed up. So... I got pretty upset when my friend didn't reply me for like 2 plus hours? And I found out she was chatting at some random online chat roulettes. I admit I'm sensitive. But seriously? I always reply as fast as possible even when I'm like super busy. *sigh* I can't do anything. But I do respect her decision of chatting at the roulettes instead of replying. Since it must have been a big decision and the roulettes must have been fun.

I'm disappointed. So what? I can't do anything so I just fake that I'm pissed off with her and sorta tell her to do whatever she wants, baibai. I hate to type all these but I want her to enjoy her chat roulettes without me bugging her. Cos she is having tons of fun. And I would rather have her having fun than to have her apologising to me like mad. Cos I really hate people who apologise to me.

Well then~ That's all for today I guess.  I'm having a really painful headache and yeah. I'm gonna type out things to look out when doing maths equations to my cousin and email her before I go to sleep. BED, WAIT FOR MEEEEEE.

Yeah. Somehow I found these pics on my phone so I just posted it here~ xD Hope you laughed.

BAIBAI people~ Have an awesome day/night/whatever. P.S I hope everything would go well for me.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Not interested.

HELLO PEOPLE! Hahaha~ It's been quite long since I last blogged. So I'm sorry~~~ Since nothing much happened recently, I have nothing to blog about except the fact that I'm starting to watch 'I Miss You' which is a totally NICE drama! Even though I hate ongoing dramas, I absolutely love this! I guess I'm weird after all. xD But NO! Today's topic isn't about this. It's about my friend.

*SIGH* What to do!? My friend seem to be more interested in strangers than me! I'm so hurt. ;^; She sometimes didn't reply to my messages. :< Which is super sad to me... But I don't want to stop her from having fun. I tried to go to the site where she can meet stranger but I can never stay long. It's too boring for me... :< But I did make some nice friends who I "promised" to contact (I didn't xD I'm too lazy). I'm not jealous that she doesn't reply me. It's just that I find it stupid as we are buddies for like... 4 years? And she throws (Okay... Maybe not throw but yeahh~) me away like I'm nothing? *sigh* I'm so hurt.

But I do find another site where random people can chat together. It's 'Omegle' (I think~) And it's super duper adorable! Cos you don't know who you're chatting with and that person might be a gay or a guy who say he's a female and so on. So it's kinda fun. But I got bored of it soon. Teehee~

The time that I was still interested in 'Omegle', there was two very epic chats. One was with a guy. I think he's around 16-18? Cos he's super childish. I don't know why but he called me a whore in Russian which I think is his main language. And he keep scolding me vulgar word which I don't mind since I fought back. xD And yesh. When I got bored of him, I even thanked him for teaching me all these Russian vulgar words and called him back a whore before ending the chat. So I guess he's pretty mad. xD Can't help it. I just have to thank him OhShoFormally. xD Yeshyesh. That's me.

The second chat was with a fellow Shawol from Indonesia~ I totally love her! (In a friend form, of course. xD) She started the convo with: 'If you're gonna chat with me about pervy or sex related stuff, get the F*** off' which I think is very cute! Hahahaha! I have a weird sense of cuteness. And tadaaaah~ I made a friend. Now, we chat all night (Or maybe not) about Kpop and so on. She said she's coming to Singapore/Malaysia for some concert (Which is not gonna happen in a while) and I agreed to go with her. No harm~ :)

Speaking of concerts, I WENT TO 2NE1 CONCERT!!! KYAAAAAAAAAH!!! *fangirling again* The ticket is only $191! So cheap right!? AHAHAHA! This is how crazy I was during the concert (times 100) Soooo... You guys can already guessed how embarrassed my friend who went with me was. She was practically hiding her face the whole concert. xD

Anyways, how's everyone doing~ I hope you guys are having fun~~ Teehee~ Until next time, BAIBAIIIII~